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Modified Vehicle Camera

Modified Vehicle CameraSwapping out the built-in mounting bracket of a cheap 'dashcam' for a more flexible suction-cup solution, complete with disctrete new wiring and improved voltage regulation.
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Enhanced Headphone Stand

Enhanced Headphone StandAdding a personal touch and higher quality feel to a cheap(ish) chinese headphone stand with a big lump of solid oak from a worktop off-cut.
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Kriss Vector Integrated Light

Kriss Vector Integrated LightAvoiding the expensive official kits and integrating a low-cost tactical light into the KWA Kriss Vector using a simple 3D printed insert, two springs and some heatshrink tubing.
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Airsoft S.T.A.L.K.E.R LR-300

Airsoft S.T.A.L.K.E.R LR-300After obtaining my UKARA membership, I replicate a popular weapon from one of my favourite games using off-the-shelf Airsoft components and a little 3D printing...
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1911A1 Grips

Wooden Pistol GripsA quick afternoon's woodworking project to improve a fantastic new addition to the airgun/airsoft pistol collection.
Replacing the supplied plastic grips with hand-carved hardwood alternatives.
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Apple Vehicle Dock

Apple Vehicle DockProbably the fifth or six iteration of my never-ending car computer project - now with 100% more iPad!
Serial communication with Apple devices, a Duinomite microcontroller and perfboard circuit. Full source code available.
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Breakaway Audio Cable

Breakaway Audio CableTo go along with my new snowboard helmet headphones, I decided to create a MagSafe-style breakaway audio connector, avoiding damage to my phone (and myself) in the event of the inevitable catastrophic wipeout.
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Snowboard Helmet Headphones

Snowboard Helmet HeadphonesMaking your own modifications to existing products can save you a lot of money over buying 'official accessories'. With this simple hack, I add Sennheiser headphone drivers to a snowboard helmet, instead of buying the costly official addon.
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Framing Things

Framing ThingsInspiration for new hacks & projects can often come from finding random bargains.
A deal on Oak picture frames prompted me to revisit two devices I'd bought for other projects; The Joggler and a DisplayLink monitor.
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Custom AK47 Stock

Custom AK47 StockI recently acquired something I've been keen to own for many years. The iconic assault rifle - or at least, the closest thing you can get in the UK - a semi-automatic CO2-powered AK47. Whilst a fantastic piece of kit, the wooden parts were pretty roughly made.
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O2 Joggler Car Computer

O2 Joggler Car ComputerHaving gone through a number of previous (undocumented) attempts at creating a car computer for my 2008 MX5, I acquire and install an O2 Joggler (a £50, 7" Atom-based tablet computer) into the space vacated by the original factory head unit.
I also have a look into the various OS options that have since been made available for the Joggler by enthusiasts, and some other possible uses for the device.
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Airsoft WA2000 Rifle

Airsoft WA2000 RifleBack before the enactment of the VCRA, I decided to have a go at creating an Airsoft Walther WA2000 replica using a Tokyo Mauri FAMAS rifle for donor parts and custom hand-carved wooden furnishings.
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