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Welcome to my project blog; covering hardware & software projects, hacks & prototype products.

Although a web developer / designer by profession, I enjoy tinkering with electronics and computing devices - modifying existing products, creating new things and discovering how everything works. I also occaisionally write and publish software for computers and mobile devices.

In the past I have documented some of the things I've worked on with microsites and forum threads - but this was becoming difficult to manage and they inevitably get abandonded or go down as I move on to other projects. This notably happened with my first Airsoft WA2000, for which the project page and domain has been down for many years - yet continues to get hits to this day.

As such, I've decided to put everything into one blog, which will give me a convenient place to drop short articles and full projects logs alike. The majority of articles at this time are retrospectively documenting things I worked on years ago, so they don't feature a great deal of detail. I have omitted some older projects where I no longer have the items and/or sufficient photographs to show. Any new articles will be documented more thoroughly.

At the time of writing (28/07/2012), I am awaiting delivery of a Solidoodle 3D Printer, which should open up a number of opportunities for making new things, including various prototype products that I have planned. I will be documenting my use of this printer (from the point of view of a 3D printing novice) when it arrives in the coming weeks.

Update (15/12/2012): After many months of waiting the printer arrived (broken). After making repairs I have started exploring 3D printing. I plan to post comments on my experiences with the printer and 3D printing in general next year.

Update (14/09/2013): The printer is still going strong (despite some serious flaws) and has been used in a number of projects. Earlier this year I obtained my UKARA membership, which means I can now obtain RIF Airsoft items again, and have already started on a new WA2000 project, and various other airsoft-related items.

George Wilkins